The principals of Park Drive Equities have been active in the real estate investment industry for over 25 years. During this time they have taken on projects of every type, from ground-up retail development to residential rehab and repositioning.
These decades of experience have led them to the acquisition and disposition of over 4,000 residential units and 400,000 square feet of retail space.

Ownership of a large stake in the Southwestern United States is maintained and managed through an affiliate organization.


Park Drive Management is a boutique real estate investment firm, headquartered in Kew Gardens, NY.

At the core of our portfolio are multi-family properties, especially those located in growth oriented urban locales.
Our many years of experience in this area have afforded us the tools to assess and underwrite projects that can provide value to our investors, and quality conditions to our tenants.

Our portfolio properties are managed by Park Drive Management, a direct affiliate of PDE. This relationship allows us to ensure that portfolio properties are cared for according to our high standard of quality.

Park Drive Management employs skilled and trained staff and utilizes the most advanced technologies and methods available in the field. The core principal of the management team reflects that of PDE: increasing asset value at the same time as tenant standards.


The Real Estate market is one of cycles and waves, and opportunities are often available to those who can recognize them.

Over the last number of years, the residential rental market has grown in response to tougher mortgage standards, and unwavering housing prices. This has provided an opportunity for investors.

Park Drive is committed to seeking out investments that can appreciate in value and provide our investors with steady returns. Over time this has lead us to explore a variety of markets and asset types. We continue this endeavor as the market undergoes its current cycle.